• I grew up with a Daddy.

    I’ve never known a world where my Daddy didn’t think I could do anything I set my mind to. I know that’s a rare thing. And I mourn with you and for you – those of you who struggle deeply with your ... Read More

    I grew up with a Daddy.
  • When Discontentment is a Mercy

    I felt weird all day. Sluggish, easily annoyed, frustrated and listless. Which was weird, because it had been, by all the usual markers, a really good day. I should have been high off a string of ... Read More

    When Discontentment is a Mercy
  • Gumball Machine God

    “Small” is in style again. Small, unnoticed, insignificant. If there’s one message I’ve been hearing more than anything else lately, it’s this: don’t devalue small, humble, supposedly ... Read More

    Gumball Machine God